Cooper DuBois Portland Events 2022 here are some great events. The Portland International Raceway hosts different events, like drag racing, motocross, GT cars and sports car racing, IndyCars, and motorcycle road racing. During winter, the raceway hosts the biggest light show in the North West.

Cooper DuBois Portland Events 2022


SCCA Road Racing Hoosier Super Tour – 14th and 15th May 2022

This is one of the top racing events in Oregon. It hosts racers from the west who compete for two days. The race will feature open-wheel cars, ground-pounding sedans, and a full range of GT classes. Some of these cars have earned the biggest names in all of motorsport.

The Hosier supersport racing event offers a heightened experience for racers and fans. A team of announcers also provides consistent insight into the tracks. The cars should have a sound limit of 103 Dba.

Race Cars Pit Row

Cooper DuBois Portland Events 2022

Oregon trace rally – May 20-22

The Oregon Trace Rally offers a unique viewing experience for racing machines before they head to the woods. This event is designed to challenge teams on varying road surfaces.

The event starts at Portland International Raceway on asphalt and then proceeds on gravel surface roads. Since the cars start at short intervals, the fans can take photos to preserve their memories. After the PIR stages, the team will head for closed county roads. Oregon Trace Rally is made for the most extreme and daring people in racing.

ET Drags and Opener (Beaches Cruisin’) – 25th May 2022

The ET drag racing will give the participants a chance to win the track championship. After completing the 1/8-mile racing, the winners will represent PIR at the finals.

The gates will open at 4.00 pm, with the eliminations set at 7 pm. However, this will not be a traditional racing event. It will feature iconic machines like vipers, corvettes, motorcycles, and pre-1974 cars.

Thursday Night Motocross – 14th July 2022

Racing at PIR on Thursday nights remains the greatest show on dirt. It will feature nearly 200 riders competing under the lights. This event dates back to the early 1970s, after Jim Rockstead watched the flat track races. Since then, the event has gained both local and international recognition.

Thursday Night Motocross - 14th July 2022

Cooper DuBois Portland Events 2022

Rose cup race – 9th and 10th July 2022

The Rose Cup Race was the first major event held in 1961. Fans across the world gather for high-speed racing in different groups. The event showcases both amateur and experienced racers. You expect to see large displacement engine cars like Mustangs, Cobras, Corvettes, Shelby GT 350s, and Porsches.

The Rose Cup Race is never complete without vintage cars. It features iconic models that many racing fans loved when growing up. The spec racer ford is dedicated to the highly competitive group. This year’s amateur group will also feature small displacement engine cars like Alfa Romeo, Honda, Austin Healy, MG, Nissan, etc.

Fans can look forward to a qualifying race on the 9th of July. The celebrations will be on 10th July.

Portland speed tour featuring Trans AM and SVRA – 15th to 17th July

This race features a 12-turn, 1.9-mile circuit destroyed by floods in 1948. It was later acquired by the city of Portland and rebuilt in the 1960s. The speed tour offers three days of racing – it’s one of the best Cooper DuBois Portland Events 2022 offers.

The Trans AM and SVRA championship is prevented by Pirelli and has a rich history in the American Racing series.

Xtreme Experience supercars – 18th August 2022

This event allows you to get behind the wheel. Portland international raceway offers a fleet of exotic race cars and a world-class race track. For a unique driving experience, you can choose supercars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Porsches. The professional instructors will teach you how to drive the racing line.

This facility was built in World War 2 and has stood the test of time. The best part is that the 1.97 miles will give an unforgettable experience.

Cooper DuBois Portland Events 2022  2

Cooper DuBois Portland Events 2022

Taste of Motorsports – 27th and 28th Aug 2022

The taste of motorsports features the latest automotive offerings – from the latest SUVs and sedans. Guests have an opportunity to experience high G-thrill rides and short course blasts. There’s no better way to experience the latest automotive offerings.

Columbia River Classic SOVREN – 10-11th Sept 2022

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Columbia River Classic. The two-day event will feature iconic British machines like Jaguars, MGs, and Bentleys. There will also be a particular sprite challenge attracting racers from the west.

Sunshine Division Bike the Lights – 28th November 2022

Sunshine Division allows fans to enjoy a night with the bicycle community. This car-free evening offers you the chance to be the first to see Winter Wonderland lights. Bike the lights happen every 28th to 30th November.


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