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Cooper DuBois Portland

Cooper DuBois of Portland Adventuring in Gold Mining

Cooper DuBois, Portland resident, is a man of adventure and mastermind of fun games. Going into the hills of Mexico with only a few people and by horse no less is something out of Walter Huston’s Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Venturing for gold has been popularized by reality TV shows such as Gold Rush and a few others. Yet Portland man Cooper DuBois does this for fun and adventure and, of course, the desire to strick a nice load that fetches a hefty sum.

Gold prospecting is a great hobby and a perfect way to social distance

Cooper DuBois of Portland states Gold prospecting is a great hobby and a perfect way to social distance.


As Cooper DuBois works his dredge with his crew, the fact that the scenery and being outdoors is magnificent is a bonus. Yet, he is not there for just the natural beauty that surrounds him. Coop is looking for those heart-racing glimmers of yellow in a sluice he set up in a tiny stream.

An ounce of Gold has reached price highs in 2020 of $2000 per ounce and is currently nearing $1800.00. This means that even small findings can add up quickly, and nice finds can turn into small fortunes.

As Portland’s Cooper DuBois can attest, searching for gold is not easy work. You earn every penny with hard and strenuous work. Yet, he is not alone; this hobby is rapidly gaining traction as it allows you to have an outdoor adventure like no other. People then choose to either keep or sell their gold through various channels.

According to Cooper DuBois, Portland is home, and he loves living there, but venturing to other countries is exciting. Traveling can make one feel like a child again, and treasure hunting is an excellent way to put some excitement back into life.

Since the early 1800s, people have experienced Gold fever on many different levels, with the California Goldrush being one of the most well-known examples. People came from all over the world to seek fortune. Some had been successful, yet unfortunately, most were not and many more succumbed to foul pay and misfortune. Even today, Cooper will say when you are hundreds of miles from the nearest town, anything can happen.

However, for fun and adventure, nothing beats working hard to find a little nugget of gold. All the time and effort spent can bring such joy when you alone find some buried treasure called gold.

Cooper Dubois Portland