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Cooper DuBois of Portland Adventuring in Gold Mining. Cooper DuBois, Portland resident, is a man of adventure and mastermind of fun games. Going into the hills of Mexico with only a few people and by horse no less is something out of Walter Huston’s Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Venturing for gold has been popularized by reality TV shows such as Gold Rush and a few others. Yet Portland man Cooper DuBois does this for fun and adventure and, of course, the desire to strick a nice load that fetches a hefty sum.

How to Prospect for Gold as a Hobby
Gold prospecting is a great hobby and a perfect way to social distance

As Cooper DuBois works his dredge with his crew, the fact that the scenery and being outdoors is magnificent is a bonus. Yet, he is not there for just the natural beauty that surrounds him. Coop is looking for those heart-racing glimmers of yellow in a sluice he set up in a tiny stream.

An ounce of Gold has reached price highs in 2020 of $2000 per ounce and is currently nearing $1800.00. This means that even small findings can add up quickly, and nice finds can turn into small fortunes.

As Portland’s Cooper DuBois can attest, searching for gold is not easy work. You earn every penny with hard and strenuous work. Yet, he is not alone; this hobby is rapidly gaining traction as it allows you to have an outdoor adventure like no other. People then choose to either keep or sell their gold through various channels.

According to Cooper DuBois, Portland is home, and he loves living there, but venturing to other countries is exciting. Traveling can make one feel like a child again, and treasure hunting is an excellent way to put some excitement back into life.

Since the early 1800s, people have experienced Gold fever on many different levels, with the California Goldrush being one of the most well-known examples. People came from all over the world to seek fortune. Some had been successful, yet unfortunately, most were not and many more succumbed to foul pay and misfortune. Even today, Cooper will say when you are hundreds of miles from the nearest town, anything can happen.

However, for fun and adventure, nothing beats working hard to find a little nugget of gold. All the time and effort spent can bring such joy when you alone find some buried treasure called gold.

Cooper Dubois Portland

Cooper DuBois Portland Travel and Gold Hunting

Cooper DuBois Portland resident enjoys combining two of his favorite hobbies, hunting for gold and traveling. While many of his travels to coastal cities such as San Francisco, New York, and Miami are for fun and entertainment, he also enjoys much lesser-known and more natural environments. As an avid gold seeker, he enjoys traveling to remote places and setting up camps designed to mine for gold. Hunting for gold is very physical work, but it can also be gratifying.

New York City Highlights

Many different locations are still hiding vast amounts of gold. Some of the most recognized places for gold mining are Alaska, California, Nevada, and Colorado. These places not only have a history of significant gold rushes, but they also continue to produce significant finds regularly. However, according to Cooper DuBois Portland resident, knowing where to search for gold is often the biggest challenge. The fact that geological indications for finding gold vary significantly from one location to another makes finding gold even more difficult.

For example, many gold miners believe that finding quartz veins are an excellent indicator, but that is not true in every district. In some places, high iron concentrations that leave the area with a reddish color are a better sign of gold being close. Also, the type of rock that host gold deposits vary significantly from one district to another. It is imperative to research the geological indicators for gold specific to your traveling area before you go. An appreciation for the natural surroundings and the physical nature of gold mining will undoubtedly help you enjoy your travels.

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Metal Detector Treasure Hunting Guide

We all know the thrill of digging something buried many years ago. But treasure hunting is different- you must know where to look. And this is where a metal detector comes in. This practice has been around for years, so you should know where it’s allowed or banned. Here is a detailed metal detector treasure hunting guide.


Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Metal Detector Treasure Hunting Guide Basics

The first thing in starting your treasure hunting journey is getting a metal detector. But that doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune. Your goal should be to get a tool that is user-friendly and one that gives the best results.

Features to look for when choosing a metal detector



Metal detectors should easily pick up signals under soils of high mineralization. They should also detect metals that have been eroded by weather for a long. Plus, the operating frequencies of the best detectors must be 6.5-20 kHz, explains Portland resident Cooper DuBois

Users should learn how to adjust the settings and make the search easier.


Detection mode

Most metal detectors feature pre-configured settings that allow you to focus on different objects. The typical detection mode includes coins, relics, jewelry, etc.

Users should learn how to adjust the settings and make the search easier.


Coil size

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold hunter says the coil size of the metal detector is directly related to the treasure of the hunting grounds. A large coil means you can dig deeper into the hunting grounds. A medium-size ring will allow you to search deeper into the dirt (7-9 inches). On the other hand, smaller coils will give a maximum depth of 6 inches.

Some of the common types of search coils are double D, mono, and imaging. If you ask any experienced treasure hunter, concentric coils are versatile and give a balanced field. The mono search coils will give improved depth but won’t work well in mineralized areas.

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Metal Detector Treasure Hunting Guide

Target ID

You ought to find a metal detector that offers an array of IDs – this will simplify your search. Items with a higher electrical conductivity will give higher values. But to be on the safe side, you should refer to the manufacturer’s manual.


Ground clearance

A tiny trace of iron can interfere with the ability of the metal detector to find coins, relics, and other precious metals. Such interferences can be canceled out by ground clearance.


Why do you need a metal detector in treasure hunting?

If you’re an avid hunter, finding treasure can be an overwhelming experience. You have to try lots of equipment to find out what works best. If you’re a treasure hunter, you’re left with a couple of options.

A ground-penetrating radar (GPR) can be a fantastic tool depending on soil conditions and terrain. Another great way of reaching depths that metal detectors can’t get is through Electrical Resistivity Topography. It involves reading the changes of the electrical current and passing it through different materials.


The basics of treasure hunting by Charles Garrett

If you want to succeed in treasure hunting, Charles Garrett gives some sound advice to increase your chances of success. You must be patient, persistent, and prepared. Sounds simple, right? Part of the preparation is using a metal detector and other recovery tools.

Generally, your backpack should have two metal detectors, a gold pan kit, search coils, and clear sound headphones.

The headphones come in handy when hunting for treasure in loud or busy areas. With a good pair of metal detectors, you’ll hear all alerts loud and clear.


Deep-seeking metal detecting equipment

If you’re looking for rare treasures, a deep-seeking metal detector will help you locate gold and other metals. You should also invest in coils for this purpose. A two-box metal detector will offer the most significant possible depth and helps to transmit the signals.

Another great tool manufactured by Garret is the depth multiplier search coil. It offers impressive ground clearance and can detect false signals.


Metal detecting laws and regulations

In the US, the laws of using metal detectors vary with state. The best approach is to check online to ensure you adhere to the rules of the area.

For instance, in Florida, you must get a permit. But if you can find treasure on your property, you’ll be all set. In states with a history of illegal treasure hunts, you may apply for permits and get denied. Other states will give permits to experienced hunters.

Again, some states are stricter than others. If you live in Oregon, Oklahoma or Texas, you should know the ins and outs of treasure hunting laws.

Where is Gold Most Likely to be Found?

If you like exploring nature, there are lots of areas where you can pan for gold. And all you need is a metal detector, a pan, and a shovel. Cooper DuBois Portland Gold enthusiast explains the areas you’re most likely to find gold.


Cooper DuBois Portland Gold enthusiast Let’s dive right in.

Finding gold in streams and rivers

The first step is to find the right spot like idle pools, crooks in the bedrock, and spaces between boulders. Depending on your panning skills, you can find bigger pebbles and rocks.

If you want to find a good stream, it can be rewarding to start with the Gold Prospectors Association. For beginners, you may consider wearing some summer boots and dressing for wet conditions. Keep in mind serious miners will invest in a sluice box and suction dredge.

You should pay attention to the crevices of the stream. While rough bedrock surfaces are suitable for gold, don’t forget to pay attention to the hole’s edges. The dikes on the bedrock will also form a great place to find gold.


Where you can find gold

There are plenty of places where you can find this precious metal using a metal detector and a shovel. And there’s a reason why you should consider this a recreational activity. Did you know the largest gold nugget was found in California by an amateur?


Sun beams down on the Rogue River Gorg


American River, California

The history of gold mining in the American River traces back to 1948 – and the gold panning ritual still lives on. Folks with the knowledge of this area say there are thousands of miners who extracted gold in the foothills of Nevada. So, where can you pan? You can pan anywhere as long as you have the permission of the owner.

You can also drive to public campgrounds. Panning is also allowed in Marshall State Historic Park. They can drive to Highway 49 and proceed to Mother Lode and around Coloma Resort for adventurous individuals.


Cosumnes River, USA

The history of gold panning in the Cosumnes River dates back to the 1800s. Miners worked with a sluice, cradle, and a pan. And as gold mining techniques became complicated, larger operations moved in.

The common panning ground around the river is the Pi Pi and Cache Rock Campground. These two areas are located around the Cosumnes River. You can also explore the area around the Capps crossing.

According to the California Division of Mines, lots of mining have occurred in the Michigan Bar District. And as you head further upstream, you can proceed to the middle Rock of Cosumnes. The Consumes Originates from Sierra Nevada Mountains and is divided into North, South, and Middle folks.

This area has a great deal of national forest open to mining. The areas that have filed claims are limited to the casual miner.


Pure Gold Nugget from Prospecting in the Outback

Crow Creek, Alaska USA

This place is best suited for amateur gold prospects. To increase your chances of success, you should head downstream. Still, you can take private hunting classes to harness your skills.

The first gold claims were discovered in 1987, and this is the same place where panning took place.


Jamestown, California

If you’re searching for gold treasures like a Pro, you should proceed to the South fork of the American River. One of the best California Gold Rush areas is Jamestown. If you want to prospect in this area, you don’t need specialized tools. You can use simple tools like a prospecting pan, pair of sneakers, and of course, you must have a why-not attitude.

Jamestown allows you to mine like a pioneer and bike through the oak countryside. You can explore historic towns, farm-to-table restaurants, wineries, charming BBQs, and inviting shops. Admittedly, this area has lots of fool’s gold, so it’s hard to know what gets at the bottom of the pan.


Rye Patch, Nevada

The Rye Patch is located about 50 miles southwest of Nevada – close to Majuba Mountain. However, this area does not have running water, so the prospecting is done using dishwashers.

Rye Patch is appealing to modern-day prospectors, and you’ll most likely find large gold nuggets. The limited ground cover also makes prospecting relatively easy. Since gold appears in nugget form, you can work it around compared to other mining areas.


You don’t have to dig deep to find gold.

In a recent investigation, the researchers from the University of Geneva found that most gold is found on the surface. But new exploration methods are needed to find new deposits.

Learn how to pan gold accurately.

Gold is heavier than lots of sediments – it will sink while the other object will float. If you want gold deposits at the bottom, you ought to reduce the number of deposits on the sediments.

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold enthusiast is an avid adventurer.

Beautiful waterfall with smooth water

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Panning for Beginners


Cooper DuBois Portland Gold panning for beginners is an easy guide to get started for someone who has always wanted to but never knew how.


If you love spending your time outdoors, gold panning can be an excellent activity – it’s easier than you can imagine. With just a few tools, you’ll become an expert. If you’re a beginner, it will take time before you land on something of significant worth. Here are a few tips recommended by Cooper Dubois, a Portland gold enthusiast.

Educate yourself on the geography of the area

Gold is a hidden treasure so that you won’t find nuggets basking in the sun. This is where your investigation skills come to play. You should explore the locations in your area – there could be some untapped areas. Cooper Dubois Portland resident, suggests that you first visit the local library. You can outsmart others and find your spots.

Be careful not to pan in restricted areas or public lands. Are there some active mining claims in the area?

To increase your chances of success, you should select a location with a creek or river. It gets better if you find a site where the water is at least six inches deep. But again, you should avoid any place where the water flows swiftly or areas with strong currents. If you happen to discover a diversion to where the river flows, you can explore that too.

Invest in a gold pan, shove, classifier, and metal detector

At the very basic, you need a shovel and gold pan. Look for a green pan that contrasts yellow and black colors. While the color of your pan is a personal choice, you can try a variety to see the one that suits you best. When selecting a shovel, look for heavy and durable material. If you’re panning with the little ones, you should invest in a small shovel.

While a gold pan can do the job, you should also invest in a metal detector. It helps to differentiate the various metals and discover real GoldGold. The idea is to identify the right spots worth spending your time on. If you can get a metal detector with a pinpointer, you can be sure of accurate results. The last thing you want is to spend time panning and waste precious hours.

deep excavation flooded by water

Another essential tool is the crucifier.

It helps to separate large stones from the other material. You can start with a ¼ inch classifier and work the material through the water.

But again, understanding the characteristics of a creek of high water vs. low water can be stressful. That’s why panning the sand that gets trapped on tree roots can be a great place to start. Even the smallest flake can be dense as the material flowing downstream.


Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Get your Hands Dirty.

After picking a specific spot, you should fill your old pan with material, add water, and remove the bigger rocks. Switch everything back and forth until you remain with fine sand and water. Keep moving the material until you’re left with fine sand.

Since Gold is denser than water, it accumulates where black sand deposits concentrate. It would be best if you focused on areas where the gradient changes and where the riverbed widens. Also, any location around the bedrock floor can be a great place to search.

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Panning for Beginners

Other tips recommended by Cooper Dubois, Portland Gold enthusiast

To ensure your safety, you should invest in rubber boots. A thin pair of gloves also work great. If you’re panning in the scorching sun, you need a sun hat. How about some lightweight polarized glasses?

If you find good bedrock, you need a good pair of crevicing tools. A flat screwdriver and metal spoon can be a good start.

If you want to find Gold flakes, the next step is to get a river sluice. This tool allows you to wash more material and separate the minerals when the water is in action. The panned concentrates will enable you to separate the heavy minerals when the water is in motion.

Sluicing a bunch of buckets is considered a recreational mining activity. On the first visit, you should swing over a variety of ground. Once you spot some Gold in a specific area, you may want to use some sticks to mark the site. Take time to detect the soil thoroughly and observe the trend.

Expectations for finding Gold

Gold panning is an enjoyable hobby that will help you explore nature. And it’s easy to combine with other activities that your family will enjoy. Whether you’re spending time camping or swimming, you can spare a few hours to do the panning. Remember, this hobby requires persistence and patience.

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO is an avid racer and explore for lost Gold

Genesis Augmented Reality Fully Explained


If you’re a massive nerd for warriors, beasts, and gods, you’ll love the concept of the Genesis Augmented Reality game. You can explore, fight, and collect all the galaxies that come on top. It’s more like a fantasy novel come to life on your mobile device.

Is this a classic TCG?

This is not a trading card game. It combines a real-time dynamic combat system and the traditional TCGs. The players don’t have to put down their cards and point on the smartphone to bring their characters into reality.



Genesis Augmented Reality app allows you to navigate your way on the cosmos. You only use the powers to build an army of warriors, gods, and beasts. The player has four attack options: a basic attack and three special ones. If you don’t like to crush friends into the arena, the game can compensate for the competitive lone wolf at an elite level.

In terms of navigation, you can be sure of a seamless experience. The intuitive interface will take you to the character bank, single-player mode, and friend list. There’s also a button to take you back to the home screen.

Since Genesis Augmented Reality incorporates a skill-based real-time battle system, you can collect epic heroes across space-time. Also, you can add an incredible bunch of characters like the god who wields the moon. Best of all, each character is equipped with mystic or dark capabilities. You also get the perfect combination of strategy, skill, and foresight. Trust me; you’ll get addicted to the real-time combat system. This is where you control the character movement and strategize the attacks.


Elite player

Once you advance to the elite level, the game will compensate for the competitive lone wolf. You can explore a randomly generated universe and fight your way into depths. But your main task is to protect the universe and keep order.

Each character relies on some brute force and has the perfect combination of skill and strategy.


Elite player

You are a Riftlord

The player has to venture into the unknown times and command powerful beings – build an army of Gods from across the Aerons.



Genesis Augmented Reality offers a tutorial to help you get started. Each unlocked character brings a new story. Although it is pretty long, you’ll learn the tricks to play the game.

Another feature that makes this game unique is that you don’t need a printout. Since the gameplay is somehow sporty, it’s pretty flat and plays well.

You don’t have to move too much or shift to see the bad guys with genesis AR. Also, the scenes are only varied between the planets. If fighting is your thing, go ahead and try this one.

Game modes



The dungeon is the ultimate augmented test. It allows you to choose your character and see the waves to withstand Genesis AI.


There’s nothing more fulfilling than trashing your friends in AR. It compensates for 1V1, but the brawl stretch allows for 2V2. You can also choose a 3-player deathmatch.

High stakes

Once you win high stakes, the character will be transferred to the account. If you lose, then there’s no hope for Genesis.

Genesis Augmented Reality Fully Explained


All the characters were endured to be creative before they were put into the application. Each has a unique playing style and suits the tactics of the gamer. That’s not all – the developer has tried to compensate those who need to gamble for characters. Plus, you capture the unpredictable element of TCG foil papers and cater to the needs of a specific character. Once you work with genesis, you can bring your character to life. This includes the model, artwork, animation, and attack style.


Baron – Hollow King

The hollow king is a unique character that features a Halberd. It’s a large handle mounted on the blade to give those deadly strikes. Boron transforms into a wisp providing movement of increased movements.

Aurora – Spectral Huntress

Aurora is a magical Celtic woman with powers from Druids. She pounces forward and does a sharp burst to anyone on her way.


Erebus – Devourer of Light

Erebus swings a giant moon crescent and slams anything on the way. He throws a vial of stardust and launches a short exploration to reach the enemy.


Tyran – Rex

This character lunges forward and crunches massive mandibles. It exhales fumes for four seconds and incinerates the enemies. 


How to download

You can download this fantastic game at Genesis Augmented Reality from Google Playstore or Apple. You create an account, print a particular AR anchor form, open the app and focus on your camera.

Genesis Augmented Reality allows you to test your AR skills without the price tag.

Expectations for finding Gold

Gold panning is an enjoyable hobby that will help you explore nature. And it’s easy to combine with other activities that your family will enjoy. Whether you’re spending time camping or swimming, you can spare a few hours to do the panning. Remember, this hobby requires persistence and patience.

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO is an avid racer and explore for lost Gold

Cooper DuBois Portland Augmented Reality in the Future


Cooper DuBois Portland discusses Augmented reality in the future
Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the mainstream technologies in the digital space. It’s opening new growth points for businesses around the world. According to research, AR will be worth over 70 billion by 2023. Cooper DuBois Portland CEO believes augmented reality has become a common tool in everyday life with a large market to tap into. So, what does the future of AR look like?

Retail and e-commerce industry

Picture this – if a consumer buys a product without trying it, he might end up with the wrong size. AR will give users a try-and-buy experience. Many stores like Target are now using AR to test products like sunglasses, makeup, etc.

As big companies develop devices with powerful processors, AR will continue to be part of human life. In the future, we expect to see more body scanning technologies to help buyers try clothes virtually. AR will also help retailers navigate warehouses, advertise, and do 3D product reviews.

Education and training

AR has become part of the average working space since most companies have adopted remote work. When Facebook introduced VR office software horizon workrooms, many people rolled their eyes. In the future, this technology will allow people to stay connected and work without leaving the comfort of their homes. In addition, companies can address their customers and solve problems in real-time.

Corporates will use AR to train employees and engage employees. Also, students will virtually learn topics and access lectures worldwide. Teachers will also add some games to make it easier to grasp the concepts.

AR will have several applications and play a significant role in training in the future.

Cooper DuBois Portland Augmented Reality in the Future


Home navigations will become easy.

In the future, AR will use guides to direct users to the virtual space. Most people will use this technology to navigate indoor and outdoor spaces. The navigation powered by AR is called a virtual management system. People will also use head-mounted displays and 3D maps.

The rise of technologies like Bluetooth Low Energies makes navigation more viable than the previous years. Augmented reality will also be used in shopping malls, distribution centers, and airports.

Suppose there’s some electrical problem in your home. AR will let you understand the root cause of the problem, and once the task is over, you’ll get an alert.



In the future, AR will transform the traditional healthcare business. There are lots of AR-enabled hands-free solutions and diagnostic tools. In recent days, Microsoft Hololens 2 has become increasingly important. Surgeons can now use both hands during the procedure and address the increased burden to hospitals. We also expect to see many apps that help people maintain psychological balance.

A few years ago, Google announced the development of an AR microscope to improve the accuracy and diagnosis of cancer. In the coming years, augmented reality will help diagnose diseases at an early age. By 2026, the global AR in healthcare will generate about 2 billion.


Better AR in mobile devices

The iPhone 12 now features the LiDAR technology – it’s reasonable that other devices follow suit. The Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) boosts AR capabilities. This technology provides an in-depth look into AR creation and allows for occlusion. Looking beyond external accessories, we expect AR accessories to get better and more comfortable. Augmented reality glasses will become obsolete in the future, and AR lenses may take over. This is what people will use to predict valuable data.

Let’s say you don’t like the paint on your wall. With AR, you will change it to see what you want. And all information will be in front of your eyes. This will further blur the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds.

Cooper DuBois Portland Augmented Reality in the Future 1

AR in gaming

There are lots of games in the market right now. AR allows you to play games on a smartphone, and the experience is real. While it’s difficult to predict what the future of gaming will be like, the experience will be exciting. With powerful 5G experiences, VR will further and inspire players.

With better UX, players will love their gaming experience. According to Cooper Dubois Portland CEO, AR and VR games will be integrated in the future. AR gaming is suited to mobile gaming and allows you to experience the best of both worlds.

Overall, the future of AR looks promising, as the above statistics suggest. This is the best time to invest in AR.

Doctor uses augmented reality